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Call for coffee enthusiasts in Salzburg

The latest model of La Marzocco- KB90 has arrived in Austria at the beginning of March and the Espressolutions team has initiated a series of events with the aim of showcasing its features.

The previous event of this series took place in Vienna, and it was exclusively dedicated to professional roasters. They enjoyed the opportunity to be among the first to test this machine and discover its complexity. After a long and satisfying day of brewing, every type of coffee that the attendees brought remained in the company of the machine.

The machine is a true discovery in term of ergonomics in this industry and it makes a barista’s life much easier due to its attributes. The straight-in portafilter function acts as an extension of the barista’s arm and its new and redistributed weight gives a more natural feel.

The KB90 includes all the innovations the La Marzocco team has been working on the past 10 years- all in one machine. The goal was to create a working environment that delivers like no other machine: consistent quality and allows you to focus on what truly matters- customer service.

“This unique synergy between human and machine has been brought together thanks to extensive research on ergonomics. We have improved efficiency 12 times and reduced the hazardous of daily work with the combined features of the KB90. Each brew head has an independent boiler, it comes with our very special cool steam wands and the brand new easy rebuild steam valve.”

La Marzocco

Austria’s rich coffee culture is a true inspiration for the Espressolutions team, and that’s why they’re extending their series of events for showcasing the KB90 to Salzburg. Baristas, professional roasters, coffee shop entrepreneurs and anybody who gets enthusiastic when the topic is coffee is more than welcome to join the event.

If you recognize yourself among the people we’ve described above, you’re probably familiar with one of the best coffee shops in town— 220 Grad. The 220 Grad staff will team up with Espressolutions for hosting this community-dedicated event. Or in other words, exquisite coffee will match high-quality machines.

If you’re interested in testing or just tasting, just show up between 14:00 – 19:00 hours and we will be there for you.

📅 When: the 2nd of May, 14:00-19:00

📍 Where: 220 Grad

📧 Contact: Floor ( / +436611020259 )