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Top-Notch Grinders to Improve Workflow and Precision

Etzinger has a strong background in designing and engineering coffee grinders with conical, high-precision burrs. Their highly specialized skills, combined with a strong passion for coffee, recommend them as professionals in this industry. They provide innovative, customized solutions for burrs and grinders and we are here to tell you more about this topic.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Etzinger and ensure you that with their help we can deliver the best package for professional coffee roasters: exquisite machines accompanied by the best grinders. 

The Brand New eztMAX Product Line

Diving further into showcasing Etzinger’s capabilities, we want to present the etzMAX product line which is solely focused on simplifying grinding while ensuring the maximum quality at the same time.

“Pulling great shots without wasting neither time nor beans shouldn`t be a science.”

The products of etzMAX are easier to use, enabling everyone to replace all the components or upgrade to higher capacity without the help of a specialized team.

Etzinger stands out through its models which present incorporated scales. The well-known Acaia scales visibly streamline the process due to their integration with the grinders. The model is a real game-changer: it works from grind-by-time to grind-by-weight. The integrated Acaia scale, guided by an algorithm adjusts the time automatically so that the result is always the right output, no matter the grind size.

All the etzMAX grinders come in 4 dimensions:

1. etz-MAX Light

The light model is recommended for restaurants or other spots with lighter consumption. It supports around 50-60 shots/day.


  • 3.0-3.4g / sec (when grinding for Espresso)
  • upgradeable to MEDIUM-version
  • easy to adjust and clean (without tools)
  • 2 versions: Grind-by-Time / Grind-by-Time or Weight: Intuitive weighing system (tares in less than 2 seconds)
  • height: 52.5cm/21in (1000g Hopper), 42.5cm/17in (200g Hopper)
  • suitable as Single Dosing Grinder (minimum retention) by replacing Hopper with Single-Dose Device

2. etz-MAX Medium

Recommended for coffee houses and restaurants with consumption of 3-5kg/ day or as a single-origin coffee grinder for larger shops.


  • 3.8 – 5.5g / s (standard cone, espresso) 
    Lifetime grinder: 1500-2000kg (depending on setting & roasting) 
  • NEW 2019: Solid control panel with round START knob made of aluminum 
  • easy to adjust and clean (without tools) – M upgradeable to plus version 
  • 2 models: time-controlled / weight- and time-controlled with an intuitive weighing system („tara“ in less than 2 seconds, approx. 5.5 seconds incl. Taren for 18g) 
  • height: 52.5cm (bean hopper 1000g), 42.5cm (Bohnentrichter200g) 
  • very good for single dosing suitable (single dosing essay available, recommended with LIGHT cone) 
  • Minimal dead space (0.8g) 
  • Standard cone for medium-dark roasting optimized (higher speed)
  • Supplied with LIGHT cone: due to the slower bean feed (different geometry) for a wider range of different (especially light) roasts, finer grind and optimal for single dosing suitable

3. etz-MAX Plus

The Plus model is recommended as the main on-demand-grinder for smaller coffee-shops or restaurants with medium use (up to 4kg/day) or as additional „specialty“ grinder for a busy cafe.

The etzMAX has an efficient cooling system maintaining low temperatures even during rush hours.


  • 3.8 – 5.5g / sec (Standard-Cone, when grinding for Espresso)
  • Burr life-span: 1500-2000kg (depending on roast & setting)
  • Solid panel with round red/black START-button made of Aluminum
  • Easy to adjust and clean (without tools)
  • Grind-by-Time or Weight: Intuitive weighing system (tares in less than 2 seconds, around 5.5sec – taring included – for grinding 18g)
  • Height: 52.5cm/21in (Hopper 1000g), 42.5cm/17in (Hopper 200g)
  • May be operated as Single Dosing Grinder (w/ Single Dose Device, LIGHT-cone recommended)
  • Minimum retention (0.8g)
  • Standard cone optimized for medium-dark roasts (higher speed)
  • Included: LIGHT-cone for an even wider variety of (light) roasts and more fineness (different geometry, reduced intake of beans, lower speed), also recommended when used as Single-Dosing grinder

4. etzMAX-filter

On-demand pour-over-grinder optimized to generate a minimum of fines.


  • 5.0-7.0g / sec (FILTER-Cone)
  • Delivery Contents: Filter platform and Dosing Cup (instead of Portafilter Holder)
  • Upgradeable to Espresso-Grinder (ESPRESSOKIT)

How to Use the etzMAX Products

Etzinger provides several excellent tutorials and we are happy to show you around in our showroom. You can check their tutorials here, on the following topics:

  • Grindsize adjustment, marco and micro-adjustments
  • Burr change (there are three different burrs for dark roast, light medium and filter)
  • Cleaning your grinder
  • Changing mode (from weight to time-based operating)
  • Adjusting Portafilter Holder.

As with every product, the better you take care of it, the better and longer it will serve you. 

Special discounts for Etzinger early adopters

To formally introduce the Etzmax grinders in Austria we offer an additional 5% discount on all Etzinger products delivered and paid in the month of October. Use the code ETZMAX5 in the webshop or give us a call and we’ll be there to assist you.