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What Do the Viennese Prefer When It Comes to Coffee Brewing and Drinking?

January was an interesting month for the Viennese and foreign coffee loving community, bursting into the year with an irresistible smell of freshly ground coffee. One of the most well-known events for the coffee aficionados took place between 11-13 January, showcasing various brands of high-quality coffee, gourmet food, world-class baristas and many other activities focusing on the star of the event: coffee. Approximative 8.500 participants marked a really successful 2019 edition of the Vienna Coffee Festival.

The Vienna Coffee Festival 2019

For the 4th year in a row, VCF brought together the local community built around the specialty coffee culture. Coffee roasting processes, machines, grinders, accessories, producers and retailers gathered in one place, demonstrating the qualities of fine coffee. The visitors could learn about new methods of preparing espressos, filtering coffee or even creative latte art from professional baristas.

The event was also focused on sustainability and social responsibility with new trends, precision and sensory quality awareness for coffee, water, and milk.

Our Campaign at VCF 2019

Among the VCF’s exhibitors was also Espressolutions, known as the La Marzocco Team Austria, the official regional distributing company of handcrafted Espresso machines and grinders. Between events with professional roasters or coffee-based cocktails organized by the company at the booth, the staff invited all the participants who visited them to enroll in a survey based on their buying, brewing and drinking preferences. The invitation also included a chance at winning one of their most popular products: a La Marzocco Linea Mini machine.

The Espressolutions Coffee Preferences Survey

The survey sums up the preferences of over 500 unique respondents, displaying a strong local presence as 74% are Viennese residents, but we have was also noticed a generous multi-cultural participation, welcoming people from Slovakia, Germany, Bratislava, Italy, UK, Romania and other European countries.

It looks like people still stick to classics, having the most preferred coffee drink the Espresso or Ristretto, followed by Cappuccino with the highest percentage. The statistics also revealed that home baristas prefer coffee in its purest form—coffee beans, and most of them purchase it from their local coffee shop or specialists. When it comes to prices, they also take their pleasures seriously, 37.9% of the respondents being willing to spend between €1.000-5.000 on a coffee machine.

If you are curious about the results, you can find the entire survey at:

Meeting the Lucky La Marzocco Linea Mini Winner

The Espressolutions team was really pleased to meet the campaign’s winner, after a challenging and exciting few weeks of getting in touch with her and bringing the machine to its righteous winner. The winner of our Linea Mini is Theresa, a coffee lover from Vienna. Her story came together really well, as the main reason for arriving at VCF19 was to search for a coffee machine to suit her needs— and a few weeks later, the coffee machine has found her.

Theresa, the winner & Reinhold, our CEO meeting at the Espressolutions Office

The La Marzocco Linea Mini will provide the perfect base with the excellent extraction and dual boiler system in order to make her favorite drink, the cappuccino. The company provided a Barista starter set and a barista skill and machine settings training to start off Theresa’s professional home barista journey.

„Yesterday I unpacked the machine and it fits wonderfully in my kitchen“, says Theresa. She has also sent us a picture with the Linea Mini in the comfort of her home. We will keep in touch with Theresa to see the development of the relationship of an amateur coffee maker and a La Marzocco machine.

La Marzocco Linea Mini in Theresa’s Kitchen

Thoughts from Espressolutions-La Marzocco

It’s the second time we join the Vienna Coffee Festival and it’s been such a great experience! The Ottakringer Brewery is a fantastic spot because it creates the artisanal atmosphere coffee lovers deserve. Our warm thanks go to everyone for visiting, supporting us and enjoying a remarkable coffee-driven experience together. We had a blast at this year’s edition of the Vienna Coffee Festival—our La Marzocco Leva espresso machine together with the Martini Espresso cocktails powered by Grey Goose and the “Win a linea Mini” campaign earned us a genuine community of home baristas we call ‘friends’. Also, congratulations to Theresa for winning our Linea Mini!